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Welcome to All of Algonquin. My goal is to make it to each of Algonquin’s canoe route accessible lakes, and I’m getting there! Since starting this project in 2016 I’ve visited 309 (as of the end of the 2022 paddling season) of the 530 lakes on my list. As much as I love paddling, I also love writing. I’ve been writing trip reports and campsite reviews along the way, and collecting them here. At this point, I’ve got over 45 trip logs and 150 campsite reviews from around the Park (and counting). My hope is that you’ll find some useful information here for planning your own trips. If not that, I can guarantee you’ll find some great examples of what not to do while you’re out there. Thanks for stopping by!

Crow River Loop – My most recent trip was a three night loop out of Opeongo that took me through Proulx, the Crow River, Lavielle, Dickson, the longest portage in the park and a couple of amazing sunsets. Read about it here!

A collection of sites I’ve stayed on or visited throughout the Park. Wondering what might be waiting for you before you set out on your next trip? Start Here!

All my trip reports, cross referenced by year, access point and lakes visited. Looking for information on a particular route or part of the Park? this is a good place to start! 

From this picture you can tell that I own some blue clothing and I strongly disagree with TLC’s advice on waterfalls. Want to know more? Click here!

A list of each new lake I’ve paddled, in order. You can also see the total distance, number of trips, and all the portages I’ve sobbed my way across in the Park (so far). Click Here!

Every post I’ve written, including the annual Moosie Awards where I had out such meaningful prizess as the Best Route  of the Year and Thunderiest Thunderbox. Also includes my monthly The Thunderbox newsletter. Click Here.

Ever wondered where you’re supposed to go to the bathroom in the Park? Or if you should leave your garbage in the fire pit (spoiler: you shouldn’t)? Check out my FAQ!


Algonquin has some pretty awesome hiking options. Here are my reviews of the ones I’ve done. (Spoiler: Bat Lake is by far my favourite so far). Click Here.

Click on an icon below to see individual trip reports, campsite reviews and hiking trails.

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