Fassett Lake Loop

I’ve never had a trip out of Kiosk go according to plan. In June 2018 I took my buddy Vince up to the Park’s northwest corner for what was supposed to be a three-day trip. Looking back, the loop I’d planned was too ambitious, but the thing that wrecked that trip wasn’t the distance. Nope, … Continue reading Fassett Lake Loop

Year in Review (2021) – The Golden Moose Awards (Part Two)

Welcome back to the Moosies! If you’re joining us mid-show, this is part two of this year’s annual Golden Moose Awards. Part One handed out awards in categories like Best Swimming, Best Ruins and Most Pantswetting Moment (basically, these are the categories we use to pad the show while everyone waits for the glamour awards. … Continue reading Year in Review (2021) – The Golden Moose Awards (Part Two)

Year in Review (2021) – The Golden Moose Awards (Part One)

Welcome to part one of the annual Moosie Awards. Sure, I know the title on this post is The Golden Moose Awards, but we here at All of Algonquin don’t stand on ceremony. Golden Moose Awards, Moosies, Attempt At Wringing Content Out Of A Cold January Day, call it what you want, it’s time to … Continue reading Year in Review (2021) – The Golden Moose Awards (Part One)

Year In Review (2021) – Lessons Learned

Last year I added a Lessons Learned section to my annual year-in-review posts. It made sense. I learned quite a few lessons last year! Ignoring the fact that most of these lessons were the kind that I really should have internalized before heading out on a canoe trip, not while in the middle of one, … Continue reading Year In Review (2021) – Lessons Learned


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About Me

Hi, I’m Drew. At the start of 2016 I set a goal to paddle 100 of Algonquin Park’s lakes before the end of the summer. 97 Days and 101 lakes later, I realized that those first 100 lakes were just the beginning. There are hundreds of lakes in Algonquin Park and I’ve got some paddling to do. On to the next 100.

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