Tom Thomson Lake

There’s a reason Tom Thomson Lake is one of the more popular destinations in the Park. Actually, there are a bunch of them. To start with, at about twelve kilometers north of the Canoe Lake access point, Tom Thomson is very easy to reach. There’s one portage between the parking lot and Tom Thomson, and … Continue reading Tom Thomson Lake

Parkside Bay

Ragged Lake deserves its name. It looks like the lake building committee started with a big island, dropped it a bit off center in the middle of a regular lake, then started adding bits and pieces over the years. The end result is a lake that, on the map, would make the guy who invented … Continue reading Parkside Bay

Basin Lake

The last kilometer of the road into Basin Lake isn’t so much a road as it is two trenches cut out of the forest. There’s a sign at the start that says something to the effect of “use at your own risk” but it would be a more useful warning if it said “you’re about … Continue reading Basin Lake


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About Me

Hi, I’m Drew. At the start of 2016 I set a goal to paddle 100 of Algonquin Park’s lakes before the end of the summer. 97 Days and 101 lakes later, I realized that those first 100 lakes were just the beginning. There are hundreds of lakes in Algonquin Park and I’ve got some paddling to do. On to the next 100.

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