Campsite Reports

This is an archive of the campsites I have either stayed on or explored in my travels through the park. Hopefully these reviews will help you in determining whether you want to include a particular site in your own planning, or whether you’d be better off setting up camp in a garbage dump full of toxic waste and broken dreams (Hi Furrow Lake!).

I’ve blatantly stolen this idea from the Algonquin Adventures Portage and Campsite Inventory and I highly recommend checking that site out as part of any planning process for visiting the Park. The information there is fantastic and the people are an incredible resource of knowledge and advice.

You’ll note I’ve got site numbers attached to each site. These aren’t official park site numbers, in fact, there are no numbers for interior sites (and hopefully never will be). I’ve edited a copy of Jeff’s Map (also a fantastic resource, pick one up if you haven’t already) to add numbers to each site just for ease of figuring out which one I’m talking about in each report.

Lake Campsite Report Related Trip Report
Brigham Lake Site 1 The Barron Canyon Revisited
Burntroot Lake Site 4 The Brent Crawl – Part 2
Carl Wilson Lake Site 2 Finding Carl Wilson
Cedar Lake Site 31 The Brent Crawl – Part 3
Site 29 (Kish Kaduk Lodge) Finding Carl Wilson
Clover Lake Site 1 Four Lakes to Clover
Cork Lake Site 2 Barron Canyon Bound
Drummer Lake Site 2 The Ahmek District
Happy Isle Lake Site 7 The Home Stretch
Furrow Lake Site 2 The Furrow Lake Experiment
Grand Lake Site 15 (Carcajou Bay) Four Lakes to Clover
Guthrie Lake Site 1 Four Lakes to Clover
Hogan Lake Site 1 Into the Wind Part Two
Joe Lake, East Arm Site 2 The Brent Crawl – Part 1
Little Drummer Lake Site 1 Canoe Lake to Tonakela Lake
McKaskill Lake Site 3 McKaskill Lake: Ice Out, Rain In
Pen Lake Site 3 Pen Lake
Perley Lake Site 1 The Brent Crawl – Part 2
Radiant Lake Site 4 Radiant Lake
Ravenau Lake Site 1 Brent Crawl Bonus
Stratton Lake Site 1 The Barron Canyon Threepeat
Site 7 Barron Canyon Revisited – The Secret of the Ooze
Site 14 Tarn Lake and a Whole Lot of Walking
Tarn Lake Site 1 Tarn Lake and a Whole Lot of Walking
White Trout Lake Site 7 The Brent Crawl – Part 1
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