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Welcome to the Trip Report Archive. Here you will find all my trip reports. Archived. Hooray!

(I’ve organized this according to the access point I started from for each trip and included the lakes covered by each report to make it easier to find stream of thought rambling information on each lake). *Just a note. Most of my trip reports reference Jeff’s Maps Algonquin Map and, in many cases, actually link to the website. As great as this map has been, if you do not already own one, do not order one from the website. Jeff’s Maps has undergone a change in ownership in the past few years and the new owner is not honoring orders. If you order a map it is more likely than not that you will not receive it.


Access Point (AP) Trip Report Lakes Covered
AP 1: Kawawayamog Lake North Tea Lake (2016) Kawawayamog, North Tea, Lost Dog
AP 2: Tim Lake Four Days in July Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 (2018 – Four Part Report) Tim River, Tim Lake, Little Butt, Rosebary, Longbow, Queer, Little Misty, Addison’s, Moccasin, Juan, Jubilee, Sawyer, Rain, Casey, Daisy, Hambone, Ralph Bice, Little Trout, Magnetawan, Little Eagle
AP 3: Magnetawan Lake Magnetawan Lake and More (2016) Magnetawan, Hambone, Ralph Bice (Butt), Daisy, Acme
AP 4: Rain Lake Islet in the Sun (2019) Rain, Hot, Islet
AP 5: Canoe Lake Canoe Lake To Tonakela Lake (2016) Canoe, Gill, Sam, Drummer, Little Drummer, Tonakela
Sunbeam Circuit(ish) (2016) Canoe, Joe, Tepee, Fawn, Little Doe, Tom Thomson, Bartlett, FML Pond, Willow  Astor Pond, Sunbeam, Vanishing Creek, Bluejay, Baby Joe, Little Joe
Ahmek District (2016) Canoe, Gill, Sam, Drummer, Little Drummer, Tonakela, Thunder, Panther, Mossy, Telma, Oak, White Spruce, E.U., Dace, Ramona, Namakootchie
The Home Stretch: Part One, The Home Stretch: Part Two (2016 – Two Part Report) Canoe, Joe, Little Joe, Lost Joe, Baby Joe, Burnt Island, Little Otterslide, Otterslide, Mike’s Lake, Shiner, Happy Isle, Opeongo
The Furrow Lake Experiment (2016) Canoe, Potter Creek, Maybe Pond, Rainbow, Loft, Groundhog, Potter, Brule, Furrow
The Brent Crawl: White Trout or Bust, The Brent Crawl: Good Weather for Making Bad Decisions, The Brent Crawl: Stumbling Towards Cedar (2017 – Three Part Report) Canoe, Joe, Tepee, Fawn, Little Doe, Bluejay, Vanishing Creek, Sunbeam, Canada Jay, Hawkins, Grassy Bay, White Trout, Big Trout, Longer, Red Pine Bay, Burntroot, Perley, Petawawa River, Sunfish, Catfish, Narrowbag, Cedar
Swan Lake (2018) Canoe, Bonita, Tea, Coot, Swan, Smoke
Up Potter’s Creek (2018) Canoe, Potter Creek, Potter, Pathfinder, Long Pond, Tom Thomson, Little Doe, Fawn, Tepee, Joe
A Night on Tom Thomson (2019) Canoe, Joe, Tepee, Fawn, Little Doe, Tom Thomson
The Quest for Susan Lake (2019) Canoe, Sam, Gill, Drummer, Little Drummer, Tonakela, Thunder, Lupus, Red, Susan, South Snowbird, Rainbow, Potter’s Creek
Day Tripping’: Westward, Wisp & More (2020) Canoe, Sam, Gill, Drummer, Little Drummer, Tea, Oxtongue River, Westward, Smoke, Claude, Wisp, Ragged
Burnt Island Lake (2020) Canoe, Joe, Little Joe, Lost Joe, Baby Joe, Burnt Island
AP 6: Smoke Lake Canoe Lake to Canisbay (2016) Canoe, Smoke, Ouse, Source, Bruce, Raven, Owl, Linda, Polly, Canisbay
A Night on Ragged, Hello Lake Louisa, Lake Louisa to Lake of Two Rivers (2016 – multi part trip report) Smoke, Ragged, Big Porcupine, Little Coon, Whatnot, McGarvey, Lemon, North Grace, Louisa, Rock, Whitefish, Pog, Two Rivers
Canoe Lake, Cache Lake and Everything In Between (2016) Smoke, Kootchie, Little Island, Sheriff Pond, Tanamakoon, Cache
AP 8: Cache Lake Cache Lake Loop (2016) Cache, Hilliard, Delano, South Canisbay, Kingfisher, Mohawk, Little Mohawk, Pough, Cradle, Bonnechere, Phipps, Kirkwood, Lawrence, Pardee, Harness, Head
AP 9: Rock Lake South of 60: A Rock Lake Loop (2019) Rock, Pen, Galipo River, Welcome, Harry, Rence, Frank, Florence, Louisa
AP 11: Opeongo Lake Into The Wind, Part 1 & 2 (2018) Opeongo, Happy Isle, Merchant, Chickaree, Blowdown, Hemlock, Deer Yard, La Muir, Hogan, Big Crow, Little Crow, Proulx
AP 13: Galeairy Lake Pen Lake (2016) Galeairy, Rock, Pen, Night
AP 17: Shall Lake McKaskill Lake: Ice Out, Rain In, McKaskill Lake: The Long Portage (2017 – Two Part Report) Crotch, Shirley, Ryan, Big Red, Shrew, Dove, McKaskill, Robin
Booth Lake (2019) Farm, Kitty, Booth
AP 20: Sec Lake Sec Lake (2017) Sec, Wet, Norm’s
AP 22: Achray (Grand Lake) Barron Canyon Bound, Barron Canyon Bound Part Two (2016 – Two Part Report) Grand, Stratton, St. Andrew’s, High Falls, The Cascades, Brigham, Barron Canyon, Opalescent, Cork, Length, Marie, Johnson, Berm
Barron Canyon Revisited, Barron Canyon Revisted – Part Two: The Secret of the Ooze (2017 – Two Part Report) Grand, Stratton, St. Andrew’s, Rouge, St. Francis, High Falls, The Cascades, Brigham, Barron Canyon, Opalescent, Ooze
Four Lakes to Clover, Tarn Lake and a Whole Lot of Walking (2018 – Two Part Report) Grand, Carcajou Bay, Carcajou Creek, McDonald Creek, Turcotte, Guthrie, Clover, Pogonia, Grasspink, Little Tarn, Tarn, St. Andrew’s, Stratton
The Barron Canyon Threepeat (2018) Grand, Stratton, St. Andrew’s, Brigham, Barron Canyon, Opalescent, Ooze
AP 27: Cedar Lake
Brent Crawl Bonus (2017) Cedar, Ravenau, Lantern
Finding Carl Wilson (2017) Cedar, Fry, Gull, Glacier, Camp Five, Varley, Carl Wilson, Ironwood, Bug, Little Cedar
Radiant Lake (2017) Cedar, Petawawa River, Radiant, Snipe, Plover
AP 29: Kioshkokwi Lake (Kiosk)
Welcome to Kiosk: The Mouse Lake Swarm, Welcome to Kiosk: Escaping the Bugocalypse
(2018 – Two Part Report)
Kioshkokwi, Little Mink, Mink, Club, Mouse, Mink Creek, Big Thunder, Erables, Maple, Maple Creek
To Manitou Lake And Back Again
Kioshkokwi, Amable Du Fond, Manitou Lake
Return to KioskTwo Parter
Kioshkokwi, Maple Creek, Maple Lake, Rattrap, Dahinda, Boggy, North Sylvia, Three Mile, Upper Kawa, Kawa, Sinclair, Bigger, Hornbeam, Mangotasi, North Tea, Amable Du Fond, Manitou Lake
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