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Closest Access Point:  Kiosk (Access #29)
Distance to Access Point: 8.7 KM, 2.5 Hours.
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: May 2022

This site sits right at the edge of where the last set of rapids that the P1355 from Manitou bypasses meets the paddleable part of the Amable du Fond. It’s a big site, lots of room to set up shop and some very pretty scenery. I’d be a bit worried about bugs, and it’s probably terrible if you’re not a fan of white noise, but all in all, it’s not a bad spot.

A picture of a campsite on the Amable du Fond River

Terrain: The site is built on the side of a small hill. You climb a little bit to get up to the fire pit, then climb a bit more to get to the tent pads and thunderbox. None of it is insurmountable. The ground cover is clear, without much in the way of obstacles. Apart from the gradual elevation change, this is pretty reasonable terrain.

A picture of a canoe on a muddy canoe take out on the Amable du Fond River

Canoe Landing: There’s a soft, muddy patch at the front of the site that’s tailor made for beaching a canoe. Depending on water levels you may find the canoe gets stopped before you get close enough to dry land to get out, but there are some handy rocks and logs nearby that you can use to keep your feet dry (if that’s the goal). Just FYI, there is a bit of a current nearby from the rapids emptying into the river, so be prepared to cross that.

A fire pit with a river in the background

Fire Pit: The pit is a circle of large rocks about 20 meters back of the rapids. It’s got a nice view of that part of the river, but it likely doesn’t get much breeze, which could make sitting around the fire a buggy proposition depending on the time of year.

A picture of the forest floor

Tent Sites: This site has plenty of tent spots. Nice ones, too. The Park has gone through and created levelled tent pads. I counted at least three distinct pads, and a couple more spots that would work almost as well.

Rapids and a man standing beside them

Swimmability: I wouldn’t call this site super swimmable. I always like the idea of floating down rapids in life jacket, but I didn’t try it here and I have no idea if this would be safe or not given the potential for rocks and other obstacles. Swimming from the canoe landing would be pretty mucky.

A view through a campsite on the Amable du Fond River in Algonquin Park

Accessories: None, really. Unless you count the rapids. The bench set up around the fire pit is decent. There are a couple of solid logs propped high enough that you actually feel like you’re sitting and not just slightly elevating your butt of the ground. Other than that, it’s a basic spot.

The Amable du Fond River

Views: This is a pretty enclosed site. There are trees all along the water’s edge leaving you with a semi to mostly obstructed view out to the paddleable part of the river. There is a nice view of the rapids area, and looking both up and downstream from the shore is quite pretty, but it’s not going to give you the most majestic of views.

Notes: I don’t think I’d particularly want to stay here. It’d be great as a stopping point for lunch or a break, but there are much nicer spots on Manitou if you’re up to the extra portage.

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