In The Media

My paddling got picked up by the media a few times this summer, which absolutely blows my mind, but was a really fun and interesting experience to go through. You can find links to different clips from my 13 minutes and 10 seconds of fame below.

  • An article by Josh DeHaas over the Canada long weekend for that got the ball rolling.
  • img_9388An on air interview with CTV News Channel from early July. Fun story: I did this using Facetime on my IPhone from the observation deck of the Algonquin Park Visitors Centre. I left my phone on the railing and when the news room called me to get everything going the phone vibrated off the railing and fell onto the deck. Another inch and it would have fallen into the valley below the deck. So, I guess the moral of this story is that the Visitors Centre needs to install IPhone holders on the railings of the observation deck.
  • An article from I think I was in Bell Media’s easy content folder for a couple of weeks there.


  • A radio interview with Jessa Runciman on CBC’s In Town and Out. This was the only interview I did where I actually went to a newsroom and it was pretty cool being able to walk through the heart of CBC’s operations. I also totally got to speak into a big mic. I have no idea what the big red button in the middle of the table does but I really, really wish I’d pushed it before I left. If you get a chance to tour the newsroom there, push that button for me.
  • img_9389A segment that aired on Global National (and an accompanying article posted online afterwards). The Global National crew actually came out to the Park to interview me and take some shots of me paddling. That was another really fun, and surreal, experience.
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