Biggar Lake – Site 16

Closest Access Point: Kawayamog or Kiosk  (Access Point #1 or #29)
Distance To Access Point:  22 KM or 35 KM (1 long day at best, this is a second night of a trip kind of site.)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Medium or Hard, depending on how you get here.
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date of Visit: July, 2020

I loved this site. It’s huge, with a nice big chunk of sloping Canadian Shield rock fronting it. The swimming is great, the views are great, the tent spots are great. You really can’t ask for more.

Terrain: The front part of the site is all rock. It’s a nice gradual slope down and into the water. It’s pretty much completely in sun until mid afternoon, so that rock heats up. If it’s a hot day, you’ll be very grateful for the more sheltered back half of the site and the shade thrown off at the tree line once the sun is past the halfway point of the day. There’s a small rise to the back of the site where the tent spots are, but nothing too challenging.

Canoe Landing: The entire front of the site is a canoe landing. You can pull up pretty much anywhere and it’s very easy to load/unload. Not much in the way of underwater obstacles to scratch your boat on as you pull up.

Fire Pit: Really nice fire pit. It’s about halfway up the site at the edge of the rock face. You’ve got a great view east on Bigger overlooking the pit.

Swimability: Very swimmable. You can walk out for a fair distance on the rocks. Swimming shoes are helpful here as there are some larger rocks to stumble across as you head out.

Tent Sites: At least three decent spots for tents, if not four.

Thunderbox: West of the site, with its back against a very large downed log. It’s in decent condition.

Accessories: The accessories on this site are pretty basic. Some bare bones log benches and a useful little stone side table near the fire pit. Apart from that, not much. Well, there’s an awesome giant boulder up top of the site, but I don’t know that I’d call it an accessory. It just looks cool.

Views: Great views east along Biggar and south towards Loughrin Creek. Those eastern views mean the site is baking in the sun pretty much as soon as it rises above the far shore, so keep that in mind if you’re staying here in early July, it’s going to get hot.


Notes: I loved this site and would happily stay here again. That’s pretty much it.

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