Burnt Island Lake – Site 27

Closest Access Point: Canoe Lake (Access Point #5)
Distance To Access Point:
13 KM (3 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point:
Maintenance Level:
Date of Visit: 
August, 2020

This is a pretty unappealing site from the water, but it’s big and it’s got one of the coolest structures I’ve ever seen.

Terrain: Pretty flat. The site looks a bit swampy from the water but in reality it’s not that bad. The ground may get a bit damp with continuous rain, but mostly it’s just flat and pine needle covered.

Canoe Landing: There’s a nice beach on the site you can use to load and unload. Not much in the way of underwater obstructions to scrape your boat on on the way in.

Fire Pit: Your basic circle of rocks on top of another circle of rocks.  It does the job, but it’s not going to win any design prizes. Nice if partially obstructed view out to the lake from the pit.

Swimability: There is that beach I mentioned, so that’s probably a decent spot to swim from. There was also a bit of green stuff growing in the shallows, contributing to that swampy feeling. Still, not a bad place to take a dip.

Tent Sites: The majority of the site is fairly flat, so you could probably get a quite a few tents on the ground if you aren’t worried about water pooling under them during a rain storm. If you are worried about waking up on the other side of the lake from where you started, there are still spots you can go, but not quite as many.

Thunderbox: I didn’t see it. Full disclosure, I arrived at this site at the same time as a couple who needed a place to stay for the night. They were kind enough to let me poke around, but I didn’t spend a ton of time taking pictures.

Accessories: There’s a really cool structure built near the fire pit. My guess is it’s for holding up a tarp in bad weather. That’s about it.

Views: You’ve got a good if obstructed view east from most places in the site. There’s intermittent tree coverage all along the shore line, so you have to go right down to the beach or the nearby point to get a clear view.

Notes: This isn’t a bad site if it’s getting late in the day and you’re running out of options. My guess is it gets decent morning sun, but by mid day it can feel pretty dark. Not my first choice on Burnt, but probably not my last either.

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