Burnt Island – Site 4 (Burnt Island Bistro)

Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

Closest Access Point:  Canoe Lake (Access Point # 5)
Distance To Access Point:  17 KM (3 -4 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy.
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date of Visit: July, 2020

I really liked this site. It’s about 2/3 of the way down Burnt (when you’re heading east), on the north shore. It’s a beautiful, big spot with lots of room, some great views and some of the best site improvements I’ve seen.

Terrain: This site is built on a hill, so there’s definitely a rise throughout the site. That being said, there’s also plenty of flat ground to be found. Just get ready for a slight climb every time you want to get to the thunder box or, maybe, your tent.

Canoe Landing: Lots of space to pull up here. The shoreline is rocky, but there are a couple of really nice natural harbours you can use to load/unload. There are also some underwater rocks on the approach, but as long as you keep an eye out you shouldn’t worry too much about banging up your boat.

Fire Pit: This one’s got a nice, big fire pit with high walls. Those walls are probably important, as I imagine this site can get a bit of wind moving through it if the conditions are right. The fire pit area has a nice view out to the water (through trees).

Swimability: Very swimmable. Like most of the sites along this stretch of shore there are quite a few large rocks in the water at and leading away from the shoreline. If you’ve got water shoes, I’d wear them. It drops off fast enough though. The shore rocks are a great spot to dry some gear (or yourself) in the afternoon sun.

Tent Sites: Quite a few spots where you could put tents. This site is definitely big enough for a larger group of people if need be.

Thunderbox: Up the hill and behind the site. It’s in pretty good shape. It’s also surrounded by striped maple, which his pretty cool.

Accessories: Someone has built a really awesome counter and kitchen area near the fire pit. That’s where the name Burnt Island Bistro comes from. There was also a giant turtle hanging out in the water nearby. I don’t know if Donatello is a permanent feature here, but we did see another turtle later that day near the site we were staying on as well (site 1).

Views: Great views up and down Burnt Island from the shore. There’s intermittent tree coverage throughout the site, but you can see the water from pretty much everywhere.


Notes: I really liked this site. My guess is that it’s pretty popular since it’s big, it’s well set up and it’s right on the main route down Burnt between Baby Joe and Little Otterslide. So, fingers crossed that you get it!

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