Burntroot Lake – Site 11

Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

I visited this site in August, 2017. I didn’t end up staying on it, although I probably should have. It’s a cozy little site, probably better for a solo tripper or a small group. That being said, it’s worth a visit or, at least, it’s a good spot to stop for lunch.

Location/Terrain: Located on the eastern shore of Burntroot, at about the halfway point of the lake. It’s on a point, which means you’re getting a very nice breeze when the wind’s blowing from the north or west. Good for keeping bugs off. And pterodactyls, if there are any around. Probably. There’s a sharp climb up from the canoe landing to the rest of the site, but other than that it’s a pretty flat spot.

Canoe Landing: Not the greatest. There’s no natural canoe landing or harbour. You can pull up parallel to the shore and load/unload that way, but it’s not the greatest footing.

Fire Pit: Well built, but it’s basically just a circle of rocks. Well, that’s what all fire pits are, but this one looks more rock circleish than most. There was no grill on site, so maybe plan that five course steak dinner accordingly.

Tent Sites: Two good sites for smaller tents up behind the fire pit. There’s a third spot off to the left (when looking out at the lake) that would do in a pinch.

Thunderbox: In good shape, but close to the site. Make sure you know the people you’re tripping with really well before using it, because they’re definitely going to know more about you after you’re done.Accessories: Some very rough log benches. Sunshine. That’s about it.

Looking towards the fire pit from halfway down the embankment

Swimability: The underwater terrain is pretty rocky, and there’s no natural in or out beach or anything like that. On the flip side, it’s a big lake in Algonquin, so by default it’s awesomely swimmable.

Views: Really good views looking north and west from the shore. There’s a great spot just at the top of the embankment leading up from the canoe landing to sit under the pines and watch the water.

Drawbacks: Very few. The climb up from the shore to the rest of the site is a bit trick. It also is probably a site better suited for a smaller group, but apart from that it’s a really nice spot.

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