Chibiabos Lake – Site 1

Site Details

Closest Access Point:  Tim Lake Access Point (#2)
Distance to Access Point: 4 KM (1 hour)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy
Maintenance Level: Low
Date Visited: August, 2022

Map Courtesy of Jeff's Maps

This is one of two sites on Chibiabos’ east shore. Of the two, this was the more private as it’s got more growth between it and the water than site 2. That cuts both ways. You’ve got privacy, but it makes for a dimmer site. Regardless, this is a decent sized site that would do well for a day or two.

Terrain: This is a flat site. The ground is primarily dirt and pine needles with little elevation change. The site is on a small point, so you’ve got water in three (2.5?) directions. There’s a relatively steady layer of trees between you and that water, so it’s not the most open feeling site I’ve ever visited.

Canoe Landing: There are two spots to pull your canoe up. The first is a narrow landing area right near the campsite sign. It’s the first one you see if you’re coming from the east and looks like it’s the primary option. It’s not. Around the corner there’s a much more open area that’s equally as good, if not better, for landing and loading. In either case the underwater approach is relatively easy and free of obstacles.

Fire Pit: The fire pit is towards the front of the site, with a semi-obstructed view out to the water. The pit itself is nothing special, just a circle of rocks, but it gets the job done. One thing, and unusually, I don’t recall seeing any grills on this site.

Tent Sites: This is a nice and flat site with room for two or three tents. The ground is level and the trees nearby in good shape from a not wanting to camp under any pancakemaker branches.

Swimmability: The shoreline around this site is mostly dirt, root and grass with some rock thrown in. I remember thinking the underwater terrain looked fine, if unspectacular. You could easily walk in here. It just might feel a bit mucky.

Thunderbox: The thunderbox is in good condition. It’s down a short path out the back of the site. Easy to find and not terrible to use.

Accessories: There are a couple of large logs around the fire pit that work as benches, or, I suppose, low counters. There’s also a decent sized stump nearby that would work as a table. Apart from that, I don’t recall many improvements or additions.

Views:  The views from this site are semi-obstructed in pretty much every direction. You’re looking across the narrower northern outlet of the lake from the water, so mostly your view is of the opposite shoreline. You might get a decent sunset if you stand right at the edge of canoe landing zone 1, but otherwise you’re not staying on this site for the panoramic views.

Notes: This is a solid B site. It’s serviceable. More than serviceable, really. But it’s not spectacular. It will fit a medium sized group and give you a quiet place to hang out for a night or two. But Chibiabos itself isn’t that exciting and there’s not a whole lot to do on the site. Like I said, it’s a solid B.

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