Fassett Lake – Site 1

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Closest Access Point:  Kawayamog Lake (Access #1)
Distance to Access Point: 23 KM (1.5 – 2 Days)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy/Medium
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: May 2022

So, I’ve got two pictures of this site. The first one is the cover picture at the top of this post that I pulled from the GoPro after the fact. The second is below and was taken from as close to the site as the wall of bugs would let us get.

Here’s what I can tell you about this site: It’s in a small depression along Fassett’s south shore. It’s very well protected from the wind by the large rocks along the shore. The canoe landing actually wouldn’t be bad, if the bugs would let you get close enough. It’s a mix of rock and dirt along the shore that you can come at head on or pull up parallel to.

The terrain looks flat around the fire pit, and rises on either side.

It’s buggy AF.

The End.

(Just FYI, if this is the first of my campsite reviews you’ve read, this is in no way representative of what I usually do. Usually there are more pictures and a decent amount of useful information. Don’t believe me? Here’s Lorne Lake, Site 2 for your reading pleasure) 

Views: Can’t tell you what the view from the site looks like, but here’s a view of the site!

Notes: This site was pure misery in mid May, but I bet it would actually be pretty decent in the fall. The bugs are all gone, it’s nicely sheltered. That fire pit looks like it would be good to throw off some heat. If I was looking for a place to get out of the wind and hide from a late fall breeze, this would work pretty well. 

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