Fassett Lake – Site 2

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Closest Access Point:  Kawayamog Lake (Access #1)
Distance to Access Point: 23 KM (1.5 – 2 Days)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy/Medium
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: May 2022

Map Courtesy of Jeff's Maps

I really liked this site. But the first thing you need to know is that site 2 is not where the map says it is. Both Jeff’s Map and the official Park map show Fassett’s second site on the south shore, just east of site 1. That may have once been the case, but what’s left there now is basically what you’d find after the asteroid hits. The actual site two, is on the north shore, with a sign and everything, and is quite lovely. Not post apocalyptic at all.

Terrain: The site is built up a rise from the lake. The fire pit is about 10-12 feet above the water. Back behind the fire pit it slopes down again before climbing another hill with a couple of tent pads and, eventually, the thunderbox. The low lying part was a bit damp when we were there, and as a result there were a few bugs hanging around.

Canoe Landing: There are a couple of spots where you can pull a canoe up. The first is at the eastern end of the site and the second at the western end. The western spot was good to pull up (and also the best place to swim from). The east spot, pictured here, has some rocks to navigate. It’s not the easiest to load in and out from, but it’s manageable.

Fire Pit: This is a nice fire pit. It sits at the top of the site with a great view out to the lake. The pit is well built and has high walls that protected it pretty well from the onshore wind.

Tent Sites: This is the lowest part of the site. We put the bug tent up here. It’s got a pretty big footprint, so you could easily get a family sized tent up in this space. Bear in mind that there’s a reason we needed a bug tent. Behind this picture are a couple of tent pads the Park has levelled out of the hill. In other words, even though it’s a hilly site, the tent spots are flat and well designed.

Swimmability: The swimming here was okay. The best spot to wade in is on the western edge of the site. It’s an easy, gradual slope out into the lake with a nice bottom. 

Thunderbox: The thunderbox is up the hill at the back of the site. It’s on a bit on an angle. Like, you’ll have it in the back of your mind that there’s a non-zero chance you might end up summersaulting backwards at some point.

Accessories: I get the sense that this is a very new site. The benches were really nice, the pit was in good shape and the grills seemed kind of new. But none of that’s important. What is important was the random chair that was weighed down with rocks and placed at the very front of the site (you can see it in the top picture). I have so many questions about that chair.

Views: I loved the views from this site. There’s a lovely spot facing west at the top of the site. You’ve got a wonderful view across Fassett and it’s a great spot to spend a lazy afternoon. The view east is quite nice as well, particularly in the morning.

Notes:  I really liked this site. It was a great place to stop for a night, and would be worthwhile if you had a multi-day stay planned (although whether or not you’d want to stay on Fassett for more than one day is another discussion).

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