Islet Lake – Site 4

Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

Closest Access Point: Rain Lake (Access Point #4)
Distance To Access Point:  6.9 KM (2 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy.
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date of Visit: August, 2021

This site is fine. It’s a bit enclosed for my taste, but it’s big and well set up. It would probably be my third choice of sites on Islet, tied with site 1.

Terrain: This site is built on a bit of a hill. You walk up from the water to the site proper, then there are various levels for the fire pit, tent sites etc. It’s not a terribly challenging scramble to get around, but there is more of a rise than you might find of say site 1, 2 or 8 (site 3 as well, but site 3 is terrible).

Canoe Landing:  Not bad, not great. There’s about a half foot worth of a step between the water and the top of the shoreline. This means that beaching yourself bow first is a bit of a challenge. If you do manage to get your bow up on shore, your canoe is going to become tippy. This makes loading/unloading a bit of an adventure, but you can always just pull up sideways to the shore as well. There are a few rocks and such underwater that I managed to bump around on as I was pulling up.

Fire Pit: The fire pit is built just below a small rock wall, which I like for both aesthetic purposes and as a heat reflector. The pit itself is just a haphazard circle of rocks, nothing special. It’s fairly central on the site and has a nice, if semi-obstructed, view out to the lake.

Tent Spots: This is a big enough site that you could manage a few tents without feeling crowded. There are a couple of nice and flat tent pads, and a couple other areas where you could make do. The trees are great for a hammock tent as well. Keep an eye out overhead for widowmakers.

Swimming: The swimming here would be fine, but not spectacular. That rocky underwater approach I mentioned doesn’t make for the most comfortable spot to slip in. Great afternoon sun though.

Thunderbox: The thunderbox took me a minute to track down. It’s up a path out the back of the site and because the woods are so wide open here it’s not immediately obvious where the box is. That said, when I did find it it was in good shape.

Accessories: Some nice log benches around the fire pit and a tall standing grill. That’s about it.

Views: Semi-obstructed views west. The shoreline is dominated by tall spruce, pine and a couple of cedar. From inside the site you can see the water, but you’re looking through trees. From down at the water you’ve got a nice view to Site 2 and, beyond that, the setting sun.

Notes: This is a perfectly serviceable site. The only thing that would give me pause is its proximity to the Western Upland Trail. My guess is you would be able to hear thru hikers.

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