Manitou Lake – Site 45

Site Details

Closest Access Point:  Kiosk (access#29)
Distance to Access Point: 13 KM (3-4 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy/Medium
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: May, 2022

This isn’t a bad spot. On the plus side, it’s got its own private beach and private beaches are always fun. On the negative it’s pretty close to a swampy looking area which could mean the bugs are more of a challenge.

Terrain: As the picture suggests, this is a fairly level site. The front of the site is beach (so, sand). Next up is a mix of grass and dirt, giving way eventually to mostly dirt and assorted ground cover green stuff. There’s not much, if any, up and down, and the ground is fairly clear of tripping hazards.

Canoe Landing: The site is fronted by a good sized beach. This makes for an ideal spot to land and launch your boat. There were not underwater obstacles on the approach that I can recall.

Fire Pit: The fire pit is basic, but nicely located. It’s towards the back of the main part of the site and has a great view out to Manitou. 

Tent Sites: I don’t remember being blown away by the tent possibilities. There’s room for two or three tents at least, but none of obvious tent spots were all that impressive as I recall. Still, they’re flat and available and that’s pretty much all I want in a tent spot.

Swimmability:  I mean, it fronts on its own beach. Yes, this is a swimmable location. The underwater terrain isn’t too gucky either, so wading out is fine.

Thunderbox: The box is down a decent sized path out the back of the site.  It’s in pretty good shape

Accessories: None, really. There’s a decent sized log that’s meant to be a bench. Other than that *shrug*.

Views:  Nice view out to the water from most of the site. Tree coverage along the water is sparse in the site area. There simply isn’t much going on to block your view of Manitou.

Notes: This site is fine. It’s not spectacular, but it’s definitely useable. Given its proximity to the portage back to the Amable du Fond I’d consider this one a decent target at the end of a tiring first day, provided you’re not looking to set up shop for more than an overnight.

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