Misty Lake – Site 3

Map Courtesty of Jeff’s Maps

Closest Access Point:  Rain lake (Access Point #4 )
Distance To Access Point:  16.3 KM (4-5 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Medium
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date of Visit: August, 2021

This is a big site on Misty’s north shore. It’s got a nice gravel beach area, room for a quite a few people and a great little perch over the water to sit and watch the sun go down. Definitely worth checking out.

Terrain: There is a slight uphill path from the water to the site itself. The site is about 10 feet higher than the water. but climb is gradual and easy to navigate. There are a couple of paths up from the water. Inside the site it’s fairly flat and open. There are a few large trees dotting the area, but there’s plenty of room to move around. No significant tripping hazards or obstacles.

Canoe Landing: That gravel beach makes for a pretty damn fine canoe landing. No underwater obstructions to worry about, although there is a mat of lily pads about five feet offshore to paddle through. It’s not a thick mat and, frankly, the lilies are more of a concern as far as swimmability goes, not landing the canoe.

Fire Pit: The pit is the first thing you come across as you come up to the site. It’s a nice big pit with a decent view back down the foliage tunnel to the water. That said, it’s not the most excitingly engineered pit. It basically looks like a jumble of large rocks someone has dropped in a circle.

Swimability: You would think that beach would make this a super swimmable site, and to an extent it does, but the lily pad moat is a bit of a drawback. In fact, I did my swimming just up of the beach, from the rocky outcrop that dominates the western half of the shoreline. Getting in and out here is great. The rocks go down to the water in easy steps and, as long as you’re wearing water shoes, wading out from here is fine. The bottom drops out pretty quickly.

Tent Sites: Room for quite a few tents. You could probably fit three larger tents here and have room to spare. It’s actually slightly less great if you’re looking to string up a hammock tent. There was only one spot I found that worked, so if you’re part of a travelling hammock convention keep that in mind.

Thunderbox: The trail to the thunderbox is out the side of the site. There’s a little yellow marker showing the way. It’s a short hike back into the woods. The box itself is fine. I found the woods around it to be a bit buggier than average.

Accessories: There are a couple of thick log benches around the fire pit and not much else.

Views: Really great view across Misty from the rock shelf. I set my chair up there and watched the day wind down for a couple of hours. It’s a south eastern view, so you get a decent sunrise as well.

Notes: I liked this site. Would happily go back.

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