Nipissing River – Loontail Creek Junction – Site 1

Site Details

Closest Access Point:  Tim Lake (Access #2)
Distance to Access Point: 21 KM (1- 1.5 days)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Medium/Hard depending on water levels on Latour Creek
Maintenance Level: Low
Date Visited: August 2022

This is a perfectly serviceable site. It’s no frills, but it’s in good shape given that it’s classified as low maintenance. I stopped here in the middle of a trip that did not at all go according to plan, and it was a great spot to rest and recharge if nothing else. Nice views too!

Terrain: This is a flat, compact site. The main site area is a grassy rectangle that goes back about 50 feet from the creek. There is a hill behind the site (and the thunderbox is a little ways up that hill) but most everything else you’ll need on this site is in this picture.

Canoe Landing: The site is located at a bend in Loontail Creek. The landing area is a very gradual mud bank. It’s easy to approach and easy to get in and out from. There are two large logs straddling the creek here, and I used them to do some loading and repositioning .

Fire Pit: The pit is located at the back of the site. There’s a good view directly out to the creek, but trees on both sides limit your view beyond that direct line of sight. The pit is fine, a jumble of rocks and not much more.

Tent Sites: There’s room for a couple of tents here. You could probably stretch it and get a third in just to the right of the fire pit where I hung my tarp (the patch of orange in the picture). Ground is nice and level.

Swimmability: This picture is from further up the creek, but it gives you an idea of what you’d be swimming in. I wouldn’t come to this site expecting to spend a whole lot of time in the water.

Thunderbox: The thunderbox is up the hill a bit from the site. It’s in good condition and has a nice (but partially obstructed) view out to the creek.

Accessories: None, really. But it’s got a nice spot to hang a tarp and spend the afternoon reading if that’s what you’re looking for!

Views: Really nice view both up and down Loontail Creek. It clouded over for me for the evening, but I would imagine the westward exposure gives you a chance at some decent sunsets. At the very least, there is probably a better than even shot at some cool animal sightings. The area around the site seems tailor made for moose (in fact, there’s an animal trail that runs right through the site).

Notes: This isn’t the best site in the Park, but it certainly does the job. If you were looking to get onto the Nip and wanted to do it as a push day 1 (down the Tim River and up Latour Creek) this would be a fine spot to stop.

Site Rating
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