North Tea Lake – Site 63

Site Details

Closest Access Point: Kawayamog Lake (Access #1) 
Distance to Access Point: 15 KM (3.5-4 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: May, 2022

Map courtesy of Jeff's Maps

This site is a short walk away from the portage up to Lorne Lake. It’s far enough that you don’t have to worry about people walking through your site, but close enough that you’ll probably hear them and you’ll certainly see their canoes as they pull up.

Terrain: This is a flat site. It’s fronted by a nice little beach and is about 10 meters deep and probably three times as long. There are no significant obstacles or tripping hazards.

Canoe Landing: This is an easy site to land on. It’s got a strip of hardpacked sand across the front with no significant underwater obstacles on the approach (that I saw. I walked over from the portage).

Fire Pit: The pit is about 20 feet back from the water, if that. It’s got a nice view out to the lake. It’s not much of a pit, little more than a circle of rocks. In the event of a strong onshore wind you might want to build up the windward wall.

Tent Sites: There’s plenty of room for tents here. The ground is flat and for the most part free of roots, bumps and other annoyances. I’d guess you could put three or four tents on this site.

Swimmability: Very swimmable! There’s a beach! It’s a nice beach!

Thunderbox: The site has a brand new thunderbox a short walk to the west of the site. It’s a nice spot. Not too buggy.

Accessories: None really, apart from some well worn log benches beside the fire pit.

Views: There’s a nice, semi-obstructed, view out to the water from the fire pit, and the beach has a great view across North Tea to the south. There is a decent amount of tree cover along the shore, so the view out to the water from the non-pit area of the site is more obstructed.

Notes: I can’t make my mind up about this site. I like the beach. I like the living space and I liked the fire pit set up. I didn’t love how enclosed it felt in places and the proximity to the portage is a drawback for me.

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