Opeongo Lake – North Arm – Site 1

Site Details

Closest Access Point:  Opeongo Access Point (#11)
Distance to Access Point: 15 KM
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: August, 2022

Opeongo North Arm Map
Map Courtesy of Jeff's Maps

On a shoreline dominated by open beach front and large sites, this is a more enclosed spot. There’s still plenty of room to set up, but you won’t get the same views south on Opeongo that you get from most other sites in the area. You will, however, get a decent amount of privacy.

Terrain: The site is relatively flat. The terrain is mostly free of obstacles and covered with fallen pine needles. The biggest obstacle is the short, sharp rise from the shoreline up to the rest of the site area. It’s about a five foot height differential.

Canoe Landing: You can pull your canoe up in a couple of places at this site. The first likely spot, and the first one you see if coming from the bottom of Opeongo, is not the best. While it’s a decent enough rock beach in this picture, there’s a better spot with fewer obstacles just around the corner towards the Proulx portage.

Fire Pit: The fire pit is located in the centre of the site. It’s in a fairly enclosed part of the site and does not have a great view out to the water. That said, it does get decent protection from the breeze if that’s a concern.

Tent Sites: As a fairly large and fairly flat site, there are plenty of spots to pitch a tent. Like most of the sites along this stretch of shore you could put a larger group here and have room to spare.

Swimmability: The underwater terrain is rocky and mostly flat. The swimming would be fine, but water shoes would probably be helpful.

Thunderbox: The Thunderbox is a bit back of the site in a fairly open area. The box was in pretty good condition.

Accessories: There was a grill that someone had lashed to a tree to make a counter, but beyond that not much in the way of campsite “improvements”. Even the log benches were more log than bench.

Views: The shoreline is pretty dense around most of the site. This means that views from the interior are semi-obstructed at best (really, just obstructed for the most part). If you’re down at the water you have a nice view South across Opeongo.

Notes: This might be a good site in the early and late season. The tree cover would provide protection against a cold breeze. It is also a relatively private feeling site in a part of the lake that otherwise might feel crowded.

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