Rosebary Lake – Site 6

Site Details

Closest Access Point:  Time Lake (Access #2)
Distance to Access Point:  13 KM (2-3 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy (although that depends on water levels on the Tim River)
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: August, 2022

I liked this site. It’s big, flat and well set up. There’s plenty of room to pitch a tent (or three) and it’s quite close to a couple of really nice beaches as an added bonus.

Terrain: This is a large, but relatively enclosed site. There is a small climb up from the canoe landing, but after that the terrain is open and mostly level.

Canoe Landing: This is a nice landing spot. The underwater approach is mostly free of obstacles and the beach makes for a good place to load and unload.

Fire Pit: This is a nice, big fire pit. It’s situated towards the front of the site, however the trees growing along the shoreline give it only a partial view of the lake.

Tent Sites: Can you spot the tent spot? This is a good site if you’ve got multiple tents. I saw three or four different spots that would work well for a tent. This one, which someone had clearly been using just before I arrived, wasn’t even the best I saw.

Swimmability: The swimming from this site isn’t all that special. There’s a narrow access to the water by the canoe landing and that’s about it. However, as the picture above shows, this site is sandwiched in between two very pretty beaches. Either one is a less than five minute paddle away and would be great for swimming.

Thunderbox: There’s a decent path between the rest of the site and the thunderbox. The thunderbox itself looked pretty new and in good condition.

Accessories: This site has a couple of decent log benches, along with some grills and assorted other metal things that I’m sure have some use beyond giving the opportunity to make sure you’re up to date on your tetanus shot.

Views: The view from down at the canoe landing is south facing and gives you pretty much all of Rosebary. The view from pretty much anywhere inside the site is partially obstructed at best. You wouldn’t expect much afternoon sun to filter through on this site, despite the western exposure.

Notes:  I liked the look of this site. It’s big, and it’s nicely laid out. The tree-dominated shoreline is a bit of a drawback for me, I like being able to see the water from the site’s interior, but the benefits here outweigh that negative.

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