Sproule Lake – Site 1

Closest Access Point:  Sunday Creek  (Access Point #10)
Distance To Access Point:  2.7 KM (1 hour)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Medium
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date of Visit: June, 2021

This is the first site you see when arriving on Sproule from Sunday, and it’s not exactly Sproule putting its best foot forward. Of the five possible spots to stay on Sproule this is fifth, and probably a distant fifth. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not Furrow Lake – Site 2, but there are better options in the area.

Terrain: This is a small, enclosed site. The terrain is a mix of relatively flat ground and jutting up tree roots.  There’s room to pitch a tent and sit beside the fire, but that’s about it.

Canoe Landing: The shoreline is rocky. The canoe landing area is basically a couple of flat, low lying rocks that you can hop in and out on. The underwater approach is relatively free of obstacles.

Fire Pit: The pit is in the center of the site and was, when I was there, relatively well constructed. It’s got an obstructed view out to the water except for one window looking northwest.

Swimability: I didn’t swim here, but the swimming didn’t look that bad. Sproule’s shoreline seems to drop away pretty quickly at most of the sites, and this one isn’t an exception. I much prefer this kind of swimming spot to gradual walk ins. There’s also a nice little ledge you can sit on to watch the water/dry off.

Tent Sites: Room for a couple of tents, although one of those tents might be a bit uneven. As I said above, this is a smaller feeling site, so you won’t have a ton of separation from your buddy if you do bring multiple shelters.

Thunderbox: If you like your thunderbox to be close to where you’re sleeping, this is the site for you! (The thunderbox is down a short path back of the site. It’s actually in decent shape, so as long as you’re really comfortable with your camping partners it’s not a bad place to sit a spell).

Accessories: None. This is a very basic site.

Views: Semi-obstructed views out in most directions, with about a 30 foot window where you can sit on a nice ledge and look towards Sproule’s west shore. Not exactly panoramic, but a nice spot to sit and have a snack, which I did.

Notes: Like I said at the top, this would be my last choice on Sproule.

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