Sproule Lake – Site 3

Closest Access Point:  Sunday Creek  (Access Point #10)
Distance To Access Point:  2.7 KM (1 hour)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Medium
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date of Visit: June, 2021

This is a decent site. It’s at the tip of a point that feels a lot like an island. It’s got the most useable space of any of the sites on Sproule, and has decent views in three directions.

Terrain – There’s a gentle slope up from the water’s edge to the site itself. The ground is mostly clear of obstructions with plenty of flat space for setting up tents. The shoreline is dominated by low growth brush and trees. It’s enough that it feels like you’re not on display to the rest of the lake when you’re in the middle the site, but not enough to make it feel like you’ve got an obstructed view. As with pretty much every site on Sproule there’s quite a bit of exposed rock and root.

Canoe Landing – There’s a great little spot to pull up at the tip of the point. It’s fairly shallow here, so you may catch your boat on the bottom, but there are also a couple of flat rocks jutting further out nearby that you can hop out on and guide the boat the rest of the way in. I did smack my canoe on an underwater rockberg on the way in, so keep an eye out. Otherwise, it’s a good spot to load/unload.

Fire Pit – The fire pit is towards the front of the site with a nice view south through the trees/brush. The pit itself is just a built up circle of rocks, but it gets the job done.

Swimmability – pretty swimmable. There are a few places to slip in along the shoreline, and the gentle slope of the underwater terrain makes for an easy place to wade in. You’re probably not diving from the shore, but at least it’s easy to take a dip.

Accessories – Like most sites, this one has a couple of basic log benches around the fire pit and a stand up grill. Unlike most sites, it also has a pretty decent counter lashed between two trees nearby.

Tent spots – Room for a few tents. The ground is relatively flat, but it does have its share of rocks/roots sticking out of it. It’s not the end of the world, there’s still a decent amount of useable tent space, but it does mean that your tents might end up clustered together in a couple of the more open areas.

Views – As I said above, nice views both south and west along Sproule. There’s also an east view, but that’s basically just the nearby eastern shore (and portage up to Opeongo).

Notes – I liked this site. It would probably come down to a choice between this one and site 5 if I were deciding where to stay on Sproule (although both 2 and 4 are fine as well).

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