Sproule Lake – Site 4

Closest Access Point:  Sunday Creek  (Access Point #10)
Distance To Access Point:  2.7 KM (1 hour)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Medium
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date of Visit: June, 2021

This is a sneaky site. It doesn’t look like much at first, little more than a fire pit and half a tent site perched on a ledge above the lake, but once you get out and walk around you find there’s more than meets the eye.

Terrain: The site is built into the side of a hill, so while there is flat, you end up climbing between levels.  The main site area is barely bigger than a boxing ring. It’s right above the water, about ten steps from the landing. At first glance, it looks like this is all there is to the site and you find yourself wondering where you’re supposed to put your tent (maybe just sleep in the canoe?). However, there’s a path leading out the back of the site and up the side of the hill. The path leads to three smallish tent spots dotting the hill behind the site. Each spot is big enough for a tent only, and apart from one that is directly beside the path, mostly enclosed. In other words, this site is great if you miss your stair master.

Canoe Landing: There’s a spot to pull up at the northern edge of the site. Here you can actually beach the bow to load/unload. It isn’t exactly obvious from the water though. Or maybe it just wasn’t obvious to me. I ended up pulling across the front of the rock ledge that the site sits on and climbing out of my canoe from there. This is a reasonable second option, but definitely not the best way to get in and out

Fire Pit: Right in the middle of that first ledge. The pit is nothing special, just a circle of rocks with reasonable walls, but the view west across Sproule from behind it is great.

Swimability: Very swimmable. The rock ledge makes for a great entry point to the water. It looked to me like there might be some spots to jump from the rock ledges as well. I didn’t test this, or do a water depth check, so for God’s sakes if you decide to try it out get in the water first and see how deep it actually is. Even if it’s not jumpable, it looks like a great spot for a dip.

Tent Sites: As I said in the terrain section, there are three tent spots a few steps up the hill. Each of these spots is actually pretty decent. You could get a reasonable sized tent on two of them, and a smaller one on the one that’s directly beside the path.

Thunderbox: Further up the hill from the tent sites (but not too much further). I don’t recall it being in particularly bad shape. However, apparently I forgot to take a picture of it, so who knows what kind of bathroom related death trap is waiting for you?

Accessories: None. Not even log benches. This is a pretty basic site.

Views: Really nice view west across Sproule. Would be a great place to sit by the fire and watch the sun go down.

Notes: I liked this site. I think it would be awesome as a one night stay for a solo tripper or a couple.

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