Tepee Lake – Site 3

Site Details

Closest Access Point:  Canoe Lake (Access #5)
Distance to Access Point: 8 KM (1-2 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: August, 2022

For the most part the campsites on Tepee Lake aren’t that exciting. They’re not even really on Tepee, more the part of Tepee that turns into the Little Oxtongue River. This one, Site 3, like most of the others, is a typical river site. It’s carved out of the shoreline and is serviceable, but unspectacular.

Terrain: The picture above is about the extent of this site. It’s flat, compact and close to the water.

Canoe Landing: Most of the front of the site is canoe landing. The underwater approach is decent, I don’t recall hitting any rocks or submerged logs. The landing is a very gradual beach that is well suited to loading/unloading.

Fire Pit: The pit is about middle of the site, with a clear view of the river. It’s a nice enough location, but that’s about all there is to say about it.

Tent Sites: This is a very flat site, which means that most of the site area would work for a tent. There were no specific tent spots, per se, but I did see a group camping on it the night before who had three mid sized tents up, so you can make at least that many work.

Swimmability: The underwater terrain is a mix of small rock and sand. It makes for a gradual entry into the water.  I don’t recall there being too many weeds or other plant life around, which can sometimes be the case on these types of river sites.

Thunderbox: If we’re being honest, I have no memory of this thunderbox beyond this picture. So, I can tell you that one exists, and that it looks new.

Accessories: None, really. Unless you’re counting the large, flat rock that would work as a small table by the fire pit. Even the log “bench” is more log than bench.

Views: Because you’re on a river, the views directly across from the site aren’t great. It’s got an east exposure, so morning sun is good, but otherwise you’re looking at the (not very far away) far shore. The views north and south are a bit … further, I guess, but still nothing to write home about (this pic is the north view)

Notes: Tepee Lake, and its sites, are good options if you want to get a taste of backcountry camping without going too deep into the backcountry. The sites (and travel to those sites) are perfect for families with small kids or anyone knew to canoe tripping.

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