Tim Lake – Site 1

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Closest Access Point:  Tim Lake (Access #2)
Distance to Access Point: 3 KM
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy.
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: August, 2022

This is a nice site. It sits on a small point and is surrounded on three sides by the water. It’s up a small hill from the water and surrounded by trees. Despite the crowded shoreline, it doesn’t feel enclosed while still feeling private.

Terrain: There is a bit of up and down involved if you stay on this site. The site proper is at the top of a rise. The area up here is slightly sloped, but not enough that you would notice. The hill from the water to the fire pit does have a grade to it, but it’s only about 20 feet up and is definitely manageable. 

Canoe Landing: There’s a natural little harbour area framed by a log jutting out from the shore. This looks like the default canoe landing location because the shoreline is clear of growth and the harbour looks like a very inviting spot to slip in. That said, there is a more typical canoe landing just east of the harbour, a small sandy slip big enough for one canoe. There were a couple of rocks in the water here, so keep an eye out.

Fire Pit: The fire pit is nicely situated at the top of the hill. It’s got a nice, partially obstructed view west towards the top of Tim Lake and the large island that sits in the middle. It’s a nicely built pit, too. Big and solid looking.

Tent Sites: There’s a decent amount of open ground on this site. A lot of it is very slightly sloped, but again I don’t think it would be enough to be problematic. There were at least three spots that would work for a tent without being uncomfortable.

Swimmability: There are a few spots that work as entry points for swimming off this site. Regardless of where you go in, you’re going to be wading for a bit. The underwater terrain was a mix of sand and rock from what I recall.

Thunderbox: The thunderbox is a brief hike out the back of the site. It’s in good shape, looks to have been replaced fairly recently. I liked the location, far enough away to be private but close enough not to be a pain in the ass to get to.

Accessories: None, really. The fire pit benches are in good shape, but other than that this is a surprisingly improvement free site given its proximity to an access point.

Views: The views from inside the site are mostly semi-obstructed, with the exception of the southward view which looks over the mouth of the river. That said, down by the water on the western tip of the point is a flat rock that is tailor made for sitting and watching the sunset.

Notes: I liked this site a lot, given that it’s an access point site. It seems like a place where you could get a bit of privacy, despite being camped on a very busy lake with multiple other campsites nearby.

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