Tom Thomson Lake – Site 8

img_8310Closest Access Point: Canoe Lake (Access Point 5 )
Distance To Access Point:  12.7 KM (3 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy.
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date of Visit: July, 2019

I don’t hate this site. It’s a perfectly serviceable spot, with room for a few tents, what I assume is a pretty good sunset view and decent looking swimming rocks. However, it also has the steepest climb to a Thunderbox I’ve come across so far and, importantly, a giant pile of human feces in front of that Thunderbox. That might not be a permanent feature, but it’s enough to make me never go back.

Terrain: The majority of the site is mostly flat and easy to navigate. The ground is relatively clear of obstructions and the fire pit and tent sites are all more or less on the same level. Ground cover is packed dirt and dead pine needles for the most part. There’s a step up from the shoreline and canoe landing, but nothing too challenging. There is, however, a rather large climb from the rest of the site up the hill to the Thunderbox, and that’s not awesome.

Canoe Landing: There’s a sandy slip on the north side of the site. Big enough for a couple of canoes and very easy to load/unload from. Not much in the way of underwater obstacles as you paddle in. A couple of rocks and that’s about it.

Fire Pit: This is a pretty basic fire pit in a very nice location. It’s little more than a small circle of rocks, so it might be a challenge getting a fire going on a windy day. However, the pit is very close to the water and there’s a great view over it out to Tom Thomson.

Swimmability: This seems like a pretty swimmable site. There’s the aforementioned sandy slip that could double as a beach if you don’t mind wading through a few lily pads and floating green things. There’s also a very nice rock outcropping that you can slip in and out from if you’ve got your water wings on and want to try something a bit harder.

The secret tent spot

Tent Sites: Room for at least three tents. Most of the flat ground is just south of the fire pit, en route to the Thunderbox hill. There is, however, also a secret hidden tent spot at the end of a small path north of the pit. There isn’t much of a view from this spot as the trees are thick along the shoreline, but it’s wide and level and promises a nice bit of privacy.

Thunderbox: The thunderbox is fine. Which raises so many questions about the person who decided to take their dump in front of it rather than inside of it. My biggest complaint, apart from the poop pile, is the hill you have to climb to get to it. I wouldn’t want to be staying here if chili is on the menu.

Accessories: There was a short clothesline strung near the fire pit when we visited, and a couple of (very) basic log benches beside the fire. Apart from that, not much else.

Views: Really nice west and north views, particularly from the fire pit and swimming area. There’s some moderate tree cover along the shore south of the fire pit. It’s enough to provide a feeling of privacy without feeling closed in.

Notes: This is a fine site. Not one I’d make a destination if I was going to spend two or three nights on Tom Thomson, but definitely doable as a stopping point on your way in or out of the Park.

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