White Trout – Site 7

White Trout and Grassy Bay
Map Courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

I stayed on this site in August, 2017. I came to it at the end of a long day, and to be honest it was my second choice. I was really hoping to get site number 8, but that was already taken (by a guy I know through Instagram, it turned out afterwards. Small world). As a second choice, it worked out pretty well. Overall I was very pleased with the layout and site itself. It’s a great spot for a solo traveller or smaller group.

Location/Terrain: Located at about the midpoint of the lake, the first site on the eastern shore, just north of the narrowing between the two island sites. The site is fairly compact. The fire pit is about twenty paces from the water, and there are three tent sites within ten to twenty paces of that. There’s a rise from the water to the fire pit/tent area, but after the initial clamber up from the shore, it’s not overly steep.

Tent sites: Three good ones, all close to the fire pit. You get your pick of ground cover too. There’s one that’s in the middle of a grassy area, one that’s kind of a mix of grass and dirt, and one that’s good old fashioned Algonquin dirt.

Fire Pit: Well built and well protected from the wind, despite the fact that the site is fairly open to the elements.

Canoe Landing: Two spots that could be used, neither are perfect. The shoreline on this site is rocky and there’s an immediate uphill, so you have to balance yourself when getting out of the boat/unloading. The underwater terrain is also rocky. The better of the two sites is just off to the left when looking at the site from the water, but either way you’ll want to watch your step.

Thunderbox: Well away from the site and in great shape. There’s a clear path that splits off north from the site, just past the grassy tent spot.

Accessories: There’s a clothesline strung between two trees between the fire pit and the water. Apart from that, there are three decent log benches built in a crescent around the fire pit.

Swimability: Not bad. You can slip in from a rock slope entry on the lefthand side of the site when looking at it from the water. The terrain underwater is rocky, so watch your step.

Sunset view. Canoe Landing down to left and also just past the chair in front.

Views: Absolutely spectacular sunset view. You can see clear across White Trout towards the McLachlan Farm Depot. Probably one of my favourite aspects of this site. There isn’t much tree coverage between the site proper and the water, so you get a good view of the lake from the fire pit and at least one of the tent sites as well. There’s a great spot just up from the shoreline to set up your camp chair and watch the sun go down.

Drawbacks: None that I can think of. A bit small for a large group, but great for a solo camper or smaller group.

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