Lookout Trail – KM 40

This is a short hike, under 2 KM according to the sign at the trailhead. It doesn’t feel too short though, partly because you’re going to want to take your time admiring the view from the lookout the trail is named for, and partly because it feels like the first kilometer of the hike is straight uphill. That said, I really enjoyed this one. (Also, if I was looking for a place to do some hill training, this would be the spot).

Map Courtesy of Jeff's Maps

The Basics: Coming from the west, Lookout Trail is just before the KM 40 marker along Highway 60. It’s listed at just under 2 KM (1.9 KM to be precise), but according to my Strava track I walked just over 2.2 KM. That could mean the trail is 300 meters longer than promised, or that I’m really bad at walking in a straight line. Either way, I was moving for about 25 minutes (and sitting admiring the view for about 10).

Terrain: This trail might be just 2 KM, but it feels like the first half of that is uphill. The path is wide, easy to follow and clear of tripping hazards, with a couple of handy boardwalks thrown in over damp areas. The only place where the terrain gets at all technical is the lookout itself, where the path threads through a stand of tall, skinny pines and you have to navigate their roots.

The Trail: This is an easy to follow path. It would be very difficult to get lost, although you could certainly give it a shot if you wanted to. The only decision point is about 100 meters down the path from the parking lot and is clearly marked. One thing, the cliff that gives you the lookout does not have any barriers and is steep. Keep kids and pets close.

Trail Guide: Full disclosure, I did not read this trail guide. My understanding is that it discusses the geology of the Park, which is probably very interesting. This would be a great trail for that, as there are plenty of interesting rock formations and a couple of glacial erratics along the route. That said, this trail stands on its own, so if you skip the guide you’re still going to have a great experience.

Highlights: The view, obviously. It’d be a pretty weak lookout trail if the view wasn’t the best part. That’s Lake of Two Rivers in the distance, and if you look down and to the right through the trees you can catch a glimpse of Little Rock Lake. This is a great spot.

Verdict: I’m a fan of this trail. The view is awesome and it’s not too much work to get there. Definitely worth checking out (but, seriously, keep an eye on pets and children).

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