Birchcliffe Lake – Site 1

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Closest Access Point: Kiosk (Access # 29)
Distance to Access Point: 29 KM (2 Days)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Hard – No matter how you come at Birchcliffe you’re paddling some challenging creeks
Maintenance Level: Low
Date Visited: May 2023

Map Courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

This site is located at the tip of  a small point on Birchcliffe’s south shore. The site area itself is compact, the point is narrow and treed and there is room for the fire pit, a couple of tent pads and not much else. However, the site is fronted by an awesome slab of Canadian shield that would be great for swimming and watching the sun set (or rise, if you’re up early enough). If you’re not staying at Birchcliffe Cabin (why aren’t you staying at Birchcliffe Cabin?) This is a decent option.

Terrain: The site rises slightly from the water. The ground is a mix of hardpacked earth and moss. The footing is relatively even and free of obstructions.

Canoe Landing: The shelf of sloping Canadian Shield wraps around the front of the site, offering plenty of spots to load and unload your canoe.

Fire Pit: This is a basic pit, located towards the front of the site. Thanks to a small clump of trees and brush between the pit and the water, the view from the pit is partially obstructed to the north, but decent to the west. I would imagine that stand of trees helps shield the pit from the worst of the onshore wind.

Tent Sites: This site is light on tent space. On my first visit, I only found one tent pad. I came back a bit later and found the spot in the picture tucked away off the path. Both pads are decently level, but I wouldn’t stay here with a large group.

Swimmability: Very swimmable. There are plenty of places to slip in, and the shoreline is rocky and free of muck.

Thunderbox: The thunderbox is down a path at the back of the site. The box is fairly old and doesn’t look like it’s seen much recent use. 

Accessories: Someone has built a small shelf and there are a couple of old log benches around the fire pit.

Views: Great views of pretty much all of Birchcliffe. The only direction you can’t see well is south. 

Notes: There was a ton of moose scat on this site when I checked it out. Something to keep in mind if you’re staying here, you might not be the only one using the site!

One other thing to note, the thunderbox is about ten feet away from a very overgrown road. I imagine the only time anyone ever drives down here is to do maintenance at Birchcliffe Cabin, but it’s there.


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