Booth Lake – Site 9

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Closest Access Point: Shall Lake (Access # 17)
Distance to Access Point: 9 KM (2.5 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: August, 2022

Map courtesy of Jeff's Maps

This is one of two sites on Booth’s northern half. Well worth the paddle up if the south end is looking crowded. It’s fronted by a decent stone beach, has great western exposure/views and has room for a mid to large sized group.

Terrain: There’s a rise from the beach area up to the site proper. Not as pronounced as you’ll find one site to the north, but still requiring you to pay attention if you’re walking up and down at night. At some point the Park has evened out the slope somewhat and built level-ish landings, but it’s still a climb. The site proper is level and big enough for a group. 

Canoe Landing: The site is fronted by a wide, stony beach which makes for an ideal canoe landing. The underwater approach is more of the same, and is free of obstacles. When I was there someone had built a small jetty of rocks extending about 10 feet into the water, so there’s even a quasi-dock if you need one.

Fire Pit: The pit is located centrally in the site, close to the top of the rise up from the beach. It’s got a nice window directly west, while the tree cover elsewhere would provide some protection from the wind. The pit is well built in good shape.

Tent Sites: As I’ve mentioned in other Booth reviews, the east side of Booth seems like it must have once been a road or maybe a rail bed. There’s a very flat strip that runs all along the shore that has quite a few sites built onto it. Site 9 is similar, in that there’s a wide flat area that would work for a number of tents. 

Swimmability: I did not swim here, but did swim at Site 10 just up the beach and I can tell you that that was a fantastic spot to swim. Great western sun, gradual walk out to deeper water and lots of room to splash. Kids loved it.

Accessories: I don’t know what this is, but it’s impressive. Other than this leftover from the Swiss Family Robinson, there’s a very well built set of benches around the fire pit.

Views: Western exposure with a really nice view across the northern half of Booth from the beach. The site proper is more enclosed, there are trees in between the shoreline and most of the site, save a window for the path up from the beach. This should provide some protection from an onshore wind, but also results in semi-obstructed views at best from most of the site.

Notes: I liked this site. If I was choosing between it and site 10, I’d probably go with site 10, but it would be close. Both sites have great beaches, nice views and a decent amount of living space. 

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