Lake Louisa – Site 20

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Closest Access Point:  Rock Lake (Access Point #9 )
Distance To Access Point:  10 KM (2-3 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Medium (there’s only one portage, but it’s 3 KM).
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date of Visit: August, 2023

Map Courtesy of Jeff's Maps

This is a nice site on Louisa’s north shore. It’s big enough for a medium-sized group and has a few decent features, including a decent fire pit area and great swimming rocks.

Terrain: This site is split between a flat, easy to navigate area around the fire pit and tent spaces and a nice shelf of sloping rock by the water. In both cases, the ground is mostly level without any obstructions or climbing required.

Canoe Landing: That sloping rock makes for a good place to load and unload. There isn’t a canoe slip, but you can pull up on the rock fairly easily. The underwater approach includes some rocks, but is easy enough to navigate.

Fire Pit: The fire pit is located just back of the rock face. It’s somewhat protected from the water by some large trees nearby, but still has a nice view out to Louisa.

Tent Sites: There’s room for a few tents on this site. The ground is mostly level and would work for a medium-sized group. 

Swimmability: One of the highlights of this site. The gradually sloped rock makes for a nice place to slip in and the southern exposure would get a decent amount of sun. 

Accessories: There’s a cool stone bench near the fire pit that may or may not survive the winter intact. Other than that, there’s one log bench that’s really just an old beam and that’s about it.

Views: Really nice views in multiple directions on Louisa. You’ve got one of Louisa’s islands not that far off shore, so the view directly across isn’t as expansive. But you can see both west and east quite well, and it’s a great view.

Notes: I liked this site. That’s all I’ve got. I’d be happy to stay here.

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