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This is the first site you come across when coming south from Rod & Gun Lake. It’s on top of a beautiful rock ledge that runs a good 200 meters along the shoreline, sinking gradually towards the water as you head south. 

Terrain: This site climbs a rocky part of the shore, but at a gentle enough slope. It’s easy to navigate and the ground is mostly flat and free of obstructions.

Canoe Landing: There isn’t a harbour exactly, but the flat rocks that slope gently into the water at the south end of the site make for a good loading and unloading zone.

Fire Pit: The fire pit is centrally located, with a great view out to the water. It’s a cool build, put together on top of a large rock so you probably don’t have to think too much about root fires. It would be pretty exposed in the case of an onshore wind.

Tent Sites: Given how much ground this tent covers, I was a bit surprised at the difficulty we had in finding a tent spot we liked. There were three candidates, two pads down by the water and the third halfway up the hill past the fire pit. All of them had their benefits and drawbacks. All were fine.

Swimmability: Great swimming site. The underwater terrain is a bit rocky, so water shoes would be useful. But the wide expanse of rock, and the south western exposure, means afternoon swims here are a delight.

Thunderbox: This is a veteran thunderbox. Broken at the front of seat and looks like it has seen some use. It’s a short walk back of the fire pit and fairly easy to find.

Accessories:  A couple of benches around the fire pit, and this large erratic that is tailor made for sitting on. Other than that, not much.

Views: Not bad, huh? (Really nice views both west and south on Louisa. Great spot to watch the sun set).

Notes: I liked this site a lot. My daughter loved it. The rocky terrain makes for a pretty spot, and there is plenty of room to spread out. I might wish for a fire pit that isn’t so exposed to the wind, but otherwise it’s a great spot.

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