Lawrence Lake – Site 2

Site Details

Closest Access Point: Cache Lake (Access # 8)
Distance to Access Point: 11 KM (1 day)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Medium (some longer portages on the way south)
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: August, 2023

Map Courtesy of Jeff's Maps

This site is fine. It’s not great. It’s not a destination. It’s fine. Getting towards the end of the day, you’ve got a permit for Lawrence and the other two sites on the lake are taken? You can stay here and it won’t be terrible. Looking for a site that’s going to imprint itself in your memory for years to come? This ain’t that site, unless you’ve got a thing for aggressively average campsites.

Terrain: This site is built into the side of a small hill. It requires a bit of climbing to get from the water to the fire pit area, but it’s a gentle grade. The interior of the site is relatively enclosed thanks to the dense vegetation along the shoreline, but also relatively free of obstacles and easy to navigate.

Canoe Landing: There’s a nice landing spot at the northern edge of the site. Room for one canoe to load and unload comfortably. Underwater approach was relatively clear and free of obstacles.

Fire Pit: This is a nicely laid out fire pit and pit area. It is, however, very much in the interior of the site, meaning your view of the water is heavily obstructed at best. 

Tent Sites: Room for a couple of tents here. The ground is mostly level at the most obvious tent pads, and you could fit a couple of tents here reasonably well.

Swimmability: This one doesn’t blow me away from a swimmability standpoint. The shoreline is heavily grown in and the underwater terrain is pretty mucky.

Accessories: There are a couple of log benches around the fire pit that are wide enough, and flat enough, to double as a decent food prep surface. Other than that, this is a very basic campsite.

Views: Not great. There’s a partially obstructed view south from the interior of the campsite. Looking west, the growth along the shoreline is thick enough that I think calling it a partially obstructed view would be a stretch. This felt like a very dark site.

Notes: Not my first choice of sites. My understanding is that there are better options on Lawrence, and I know for a fact that there are much better options on Louisa. Maybe try those out before settling here.

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