Log Canoe Lake – Site 1

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Closest Access Point:  Sec Lake (access # 20)
Distance to Access Point: 2.5 KM
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy (although the portage up there is mostly uphill).
Maintenance Level: Low
Date Visited: November, 2022

Log Canoe Lake is a small lake just south of Sec Lake with only one campsite. If you book Log Canoe, you’re booking yourself a private lake, which can be very nice. The site itself is basic, but decent. To be honest, for me it’s probably more of a day trip destination from Sec, but it would certainly be a good option if Sec were really busy and you were looking for some privacy.

Terrain: The site doubles as the end of the portage up from Sec Lake. It sits about 10-12 feet above the water on a flat ledge area. It’s a big enough site, with room for a medium sized group to spread out. The terrain is easy to navigate, with few tripping hazards and lots of room to move between the few trees that dot the site.

Canoe Landing: This is less important than with most sites, as you’ll be carrying your canoe up to the site from Sec Lake (so I guess, technically, the portage take out on Sec Lake is the canoe landing?). If you do cart your canoe up here, the water access requires a short descent along the rocks.

Fire Pit: The fire pit is located just short of the end of the ledge overlooking Log Canoe. It’s a great spot, with a nice view and plenty of room. The pit itself is fairly basic, but it’ll do the job.

Tent Sites: The ground is mostly hardpacked dirt and stone covered in pine needles. There are at least a couple of decent tent spots, and if you don’t mind spreading out you could find a couple more. 

Swimmability: I think this would be a nice site to swim from. First of all, you’ve got yourself a private lake, and it’s a nice looking private lake. The water is clear and the bottom is rocky (read: not too mucky). There are a couple of spots you can slip in from in front of the rock wall.

Accessories: This is a pretty basic site. There were no benches when we were there, and the closest thing to an accessory would be a half beaver chewed tree out the back of the site.

Views: The view from the site is south and west across Log Canoe. There are a few trees dotted around the site, but not enough to really obstruct the view from the interior either.

Notes: I like this site, but I don’t know that I like it enough to want to cart my gear up there. There are plenty of decent spots on Sec and if I’m staying in the area I’d probably prefer to make Sec my basecamp and then daytrip up to Log Canoe (and Little Sec too!).

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