Maple Creek – Site 2

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Closest Access Point:  Kiosk (Access # 29)
Distance to Access Point:  ~10 KM (1.5-2 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy/Medium (depends on wind on Kioshkokwi)
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: May 2022

Map Courtesy of Jeff's Maps

Full disclosure, I’m not a huge fan of portage campsites. I’m also not a huge fan of river/creek campsites. Which probably isn’t a great starting point for a review of a portage campsite along Maple Creek. But here we are. This is the site at the bottom of the P805 up Maple Creek. As far as portage/river campsites go, this one isn’t that bad! It’s nicely located, small but well set up and is right by a very pretty stretch of Maple Creek. And it’s not Maple Creek – Site 1, so what else can you ask for?

Terrain: This portage rises a fair bit from start to finish. The campsite is towards the bottom of the portage, at a point where the terrain levels out somewhat. The site itself is flat enough and easy to navigate. It is directly beside the portage path, on what is a fairly busy portage route, so expect some visitors if you set up here for more than a night.

Canoe Landing: The canoe landing for this one is also the portage landing for the P805. It’s a decent landing, with plenty of room to move around and not many underwater obstacles that I recall. It’s right beside the outlet of some falls, which is quite pretty.

Fire Pit: The pit is in the middle of the site, maybe ten paces from the portage. Maybe. It’s got a 90% obstructed view out to the creek, but at least would be sheltered from any wind.

Tent Sites: There are a couple of decent tent pads on this site. The one pictured is directly behind the fire pit. There’s a second one a bit further up and to the right (based on this photo). Both would fit a medium sized tent comfortably.

The Rest: Normally I’ve got a swimmability, thunderbox and accessories section in these reviews, but tbh, I don’t know that this site needs those categories broken out. The swimming wouldn’t be that great here. Maple Creek isn’t the deepest waterway in the Park, so I doubt you could get a good swim going. It might be fun to wade around in the bottom of the rapids that front the site, but make sure you take a careful look around before you do that. 

Notes: I didn’t mind this site. I wouldn’t make it a destination, but if I needed an unplanned place to stop, it would do well. Otherwise, I’m pushing on to Maple Lake which has a number of better spots.

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