McIntosh Lake – Site 22

Closest Access Point:Canoe Lake  (Access Point #5)
Distance To Access Point: 
20 KM (4.5-5 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: 
Maintenance Level: 
Date of Visit:
August, 2021

I didn’t stay on this site, just checked it out as I was passing through McIntosh, and that’s a bummer. It’s an awesome looking site.

Terrain: This is a low lying, flat site. It’s an island that barely seems to be above the water line. The site is remarkably level. So much so that I just remarked on it. The front half (eastern side) is a shelf of mostly smooth, flat rock intermingled with patches of dirt, pine needles and green stuff. The back half (western side) is a wide, flat clearing covered in pine needles and dirt.

Canoe Landing: The rock shelf transitions gradually into the water, making for multiple very easy spots to beach your canoe. Because the transition is gradual, there is quite a lot of rock just below the surface of the water as you near the island as well. I didn’t find this to be an obstacle, more an easy way to ground the canoe without actually taking it out of the water.

Fire Pit: The pit is situated in the middle of the site.. There isn’t a ton of tree cover between the pit and the lake, so you’ve got a nice view out to McIntosh.  The pit itself is solid enough. The walls are a couple of rocks high all the way around. As this site is very exposed, you may need to build the east facing wall up a bit on a windy day.

Swimability: I didn’t swim here, but it sure looked swimmable. The walk out was smooth. It looked like a great spot to slip in and out. You’d get a ton of sun until the late afternoon too, so perfect for drying off.

Tent Sites: The large clearing behind the fire pit has room for two or three tents. It’s flat and surrounded by trees, so you wouldn’t get the same wind you would at the front of the site. Speaking of the front of the site, there are two trees growing where the rock meets the dirt that would be perfect for a hammock or aerial tent.

Accessories: There’s a nice semi-circle of log benches facing east around the fire pit. That’s about it.

Views: Great view east and southeast across McIntosh. Obstructed views in every other direction.

Notes: I loved this site. It’s definitely on my campsite bucket list.

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