Opeongo Lake – North Arm – Site 2

Site Details

Closest Access Point:  Opeongo Lake (Access Point #11)
Distance to Access Point: 15 KM (2.5 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy (unless the wind is up)
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: August, 2022

Opeongo North Arm Map
Map Courtesy of Jeff's Maps

I stayed on this site for two nights with my wife’s extended family. It’s a great spot for larger groups, and a great spot to bring kids. If you’re a larger group with kids, you’ve found the center of your Venn Diagram with this one.

Terrain: The shoreline around this part of Opeongo is very flat, almost like someone came through with a steam roller a couple hundred years ago. The site is dotted with skinny pine and has a ton of living space. 

Canoe Landing: This site is fronted by a long, wide strip of beach. You can land your canoe literally anywhere along a half kilometer of shoreline. Underwater approach is smooth with no hidden obstacles.

Fire Pit: The fire pit is about 20 meters back of the beach, in the middle of the site. There wasn’t much wind when we were there, but I would imagine the pines don’t offer much of a windbreak, so that could be an issue on a windy day. Otherwise, it’s a decent pit with a somewhat obstructed view out to the water.

Tent Sites: This entire site is a tent pad. The ground is level with ample room between the pines for even the largest tents. It’s also a hammock sleepers paradise. We had three hammocks up, along with my aerial tent, and there were trees to spare.

Swimmability: This is a great site for swimming. The beach goes out a long way, making it suitable for everyone. It’s a great spot for little kids to play and adults can wade out to deeper water across a decently soft bottom.

Thunderbox: Not the greatest thunderbox, or thunderbox loacation, I’ve ever seen. The box is a short distance back of the site, with very little in the way of foliage to obstruct sightlines. The box itself has seen better days. It works, but it’s not the Hilton of AP thunderboxes.

Accessories: This is a pretty basic site as far as accessories go. There’s a decent bench set up around the fire pit, and that’s about it. (Although, in this case, I’m going to call the trees accessories because they’re so hammock friendly).

Views: Gorgeous views south across Opeongo from the beach. Semi-obstructed views out to the water from pretty much everywhere on the site.

Notes: Like I said at the top, this is a great site. Unlike some of the others on this stretch, it’s not too close to its neighbours, which means you get a nice feeling of seclusion on top of everything else.

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