Phipps Lake – Site 2

Site Details

Closest Access Point:  Cache Lake (access #8)
Distance to Access Point: 15 KM (1 Day)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Medium (quite a few portages from this direction. Fewer portages, but longer distance, from Smoke access)
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: August 2023

This is a hilly site on Phipps’ north shore. It’s got a nice view in both directions along the lake, but not much usable space. Would be good for a solo tripper or small group. Larger groups may want to book both sites on Phipps to make sure they’ve got enough room.

Terrain: This site is built on a hill jutting out from Phipps’ north shore. It requires climbing to get from the water to the site area, and will certainly give you a good leg workout. Apart from the grade, the ground is relatively clear of obstacles beyond the occasional root or rock.

Canoe Landing: There are a couple of spots where you can pull up your canoe. All involve navigating your way from the canoe to the rocky shoreline. In other words, there isn’t an easy place to beach the boat. The underwater terrain includes some rocks, but is mostly free of obstacles.

Fire Pit: This is a pretty basic fire pit with a nice view of the water. It would be exposed in the event of a strong wind.

Tent Sites: There isn’t a lot of level ground on this site. There’s room for a couple of tents, but I wouldn’t want to be here with a large group.

Swimmability: The swimming here is likely good. This is a south facing site that would get sun through most of the day. The underwater terrain is rocky, so water shoes would be helpful.

Thunderbox: The box is not that far back of the site, but is in good shape. 

Accessories: This is a pretty basic site. The bench pictured above has a nice view of the water. Otherwise, not much in the way of extras.

Views: Phipps isn’t the most photogenic lake in my opinion. That said, this site has a nice view looking both west and east. There are a few trees in between the site proper and the water, but not enough that it feels obstructed in any way. The massive slope of rock that leads down to the water would be a great spot to sit and watch the day wind down.

Notes: This is almost the definition of an average site. It’s certainly useable, but wouldn’t be a destination as far as I’m concerned.

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