Pinetree Lake – Site 2

Map courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

Closest Access Point:  Pinetree Lake (Access Point #12)
Distance To Access Point:  5 KM (1 – 1.5 hours)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Medium (there’s a 2 KM portage from the parking lot to Pinetree Lake
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date of Visit: September 2021

I like this site. It’s basically just a big hill on Pinetree’s southernmost bay. As a result, flat ground is at a bit of a premium, but that’s the only drawback to this spot.

Terrain: The site is built on a hill. This means there’s a hike up from the water to the top of the site where the fire pit and best tent spots are. Basically, staying here guarantees you’ll be getting your leg day in. As a hill, there isn’t a ton of flat ground. The top of the site is, and that’s where you’ll find your living area. Apart from that, pretty much everything is on an angle. The site is dotted with pine trees. Not enough to make you feel enclosed, but enough to give a (probably incorrect) sense that your every move isn’t on display for the people staying across the bay on Site 3.

Canoe Landing: The best spot we found was on the western side of the site, facing the small island that’s about 30 meters offshore. It’s a small break in the shoreline where dirt and brush give way to the large rocks that wrap around the front of the site. It’s flat enough that you can beach the bow of the boat. However, if you’re looking to pull the boat up further, you’re going to be dragging it uphill.

Fire Pit: The pit is at the top of the site and has a great view across Pinetree (through the trees). It’s a well built pit that, at the same time, is basically just a jumble of big rocks. If there were a strong onshore wind you might have to do some work building up the walls.

Swimability: This is a fun site to swim from. The island across the water is a great swimming destination and the underwater terrain getting in and out is easy enough to navigate (although water shoes are a big help here). The site gets great sun, so drying out post swim is also pretty easy.

Tent Sites: There was room for both of our ground tents, and an awesome spot to set up my aerial tent. That said, once you run out of room at the top of the site, flat ground is hard to find. I’d say there’s room for two tents comfortably, three if you squeeze. After that, someone will be doing some slanted sleeping.

Thunderbox: The thunderbox is down a path out the back of the site. It looks like it’s seen a few full moons, but is still sturdy enough.

Accessories: There’s a lashed together counter between two trees near the fire pit. As the picture shows, you can fit a whole lot of gear onto that counter if you’re so inclined. Other than that, minimal accessories. I don’t even recall there being much in the way of logs around the fire pit to act as benches.

Views: Really nice view south and east. You get a decent sunrise behind the high rock wall at the foot of the bay. Sunset is a paddle, but the far shore looks beautiful in the setting sun.

The view on Pinetree

Notes: I liked this site. I would pick it over Site 1 every time. I didn’t get a chance to check out Site 3 because someone was on it, but I understand that it’s also pretty decent. Basically, try to get something in this bay.

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