Fork Lake – Site 1

Map Courtesy of Jeff’s Maps

Closest Access Point:   Sunday Creek (Access Point #10)
Distance To Access Point:  3.7 KM (1 hour)
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Easy/Medium (depends on water levels)
Maintenance Level: Low
Date of Visit: September, 2021

This is a compact site on the north shore of Forks’ southern half. It’s a serviceable site, pretty much what you would expect from something designated as low maintenance. It is also by far the second best of the two sites available on Fork. The only time I would pick this over Site 2 is in the early spring or late fall if I was looking for shelter from the elements. Otherwise, Site 2 is a much better option.

Terrain: The site is up a short rise from the shoreline. The terrain is rocky with a ground cover of loose dirt and pine needles. This isn’t a very large site. Once you’re up on the fire pit level the ground is more or less flat.

Canoe Landing: The shoreline is fairly rocky. You can pull your canoe up parallel to the shore, however there isn’t a ready made loading/unloading area that I could find. I ended up wedging the bow of my boat in between two rocks and channeling my inner mountain goat to get out.

Fire Pit: Located at the top of the rise up from the water, with a nice view south across Fork. Sturdy enough, with a higher wall facing the water to protect from onshore wind. There was a grill there when I visited.

Swimability: I’ll preface this by saying I didn’t love swimming in Fork Lake. I found the shoreline to be a bit weedy in a lot of places and the water is basically the colour of tea. That said, the access to the water from the site for swimming is decent. While the underwater terrain is rocky, it’s navigable.

Tent Sites: A couple of decently flat tent sites just back and to the side of the fire pit. Each tent pad has room for at least a medium sized tent.

Accessories: Nothing much. The log “benches” around the fire pit are really just logs. Definitely a site where you’d want to have your camp chair if you were looking for non-ground seating options.

Views: Nice view south on Fork. Otherwise, this is a fairly enclosed site with tree cover to both the west and east.

Notes: This site is fine. It’s not special and it’s not terrible. It would be serviceable for a night if Site 2 was already taken, but I wouldn’t want to set up shop here for a multi-day visit.

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