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Closest Access Point:  Opeongo Access Point (#11)
Distance to Access Point: ~40 KM (This is a day 2 destination if you’re paddling from Opeongo, Day 1 if you use a water taxi).
Difficulty of Travel From Access Point: Medium (route includes the longest official portage in the Park).
Maintenance Level: Regular
Date Visited: September, 2022

Map Courtesy of Jeff's Maps

I want to like this site. It ticks a lot of boxes for me. It’s an island, I like islands. It’s got gorgeous views, I like gorgeous views. The swimming is really nice and the site is decently laid out as well. But, and this is a but so big Sir Mixalot would approve, it is cold AF if the wind is blowing. Which it was when I stayed there. A lot.

Terrain: The site’s footprint is actually kind of small. It’s a rocky island, and kind of uneven. There wasn’t a ton of flat ground to be found, and there are a few tripping hazards scattered here and there in the shape of protruding rocks and roots. On top of that, there are trees scattered throughout the site, further reducing living space and your room to maneuver. 

Canoe Landing: This is a great canoe landing. The island is bordered by wide swathes of clear rock that slopes gently into the water. There’s plenty of room to pull your boat up and load/unload. The underwater approach is free of obstacles, and there are a couple of easy places to beach the boat. One thing, like the rest of the island, the canoe landing is exposed to the wind. If it’s at all windy, pull your boat further up on shore than what I’ve got pictured here.

Fire Pit: The fire pit is located centrally in the site. In fact, it’s kind of a hazard in that it’s smack in the middle of the best route to get from the shore to the tent area. But, you’re camping, so deal with it. It’s a nice pit, well constructed with tall walls that protect it from the wind.

Tent Sites: This wasn’t the best site for tent spots. There are quite a few trees dotting the site. Which, while great for hammocks, made finding a big enough tent pad a choice between a couple of options that were moderate at best. (and, yes, I’m aware that trees are kind of a feature of camping and, you know, the woods, but in this case I wouldn’t be upset if a couple of ambitious beavers dropped by and thinned things out).

Swimmability: The highlight of this site for me was the swimming potential. As I mentioned above, there are plenty of great entry and exit spots thanks to the broad, sloping rocks that make up the shoreline. The island in this picture is maybe 100 meters offshore, and in the right conditions would be a ton of fun to swim to. Unfortunately, we were not there in the right conditions and my island laps will have to wait til next time.

Thunderbox: The thunderbox is a decent distance back of the site, in the center of an area that is, ironically, clearer and easier to navigate than the site itself. The box was in good shape, and didn’t seem to have seen a ton of use.

Accessories: The fire pit had a couple of decent benches around it, and that’s about it as far as accessories go. The benches were good, room for a couple of people and solidly built.

Views: The other highlight of this site for me was the view west. The site is located about halfway down Lavielle, and from here it looks like it’s a couple of kilometers at least to the far shore. This gives you a great view of a gorgeous lake. To top it off, there’s a perfect sitting spot on the island’s western tip that honestly looks like a boat launch ramp (its not a boat launch ramp) in the way it slopes gradually towards the water. The views from the sites interior are mostly obstructed as there are trees and bushes along most of the shoreline. Sadly, while this growth might block the view it does nothing to stop the wind. 

Notes: If I haven’t made this clear, this is an exposed site. I didn’t particularly enjoy staying here, even though I really liked the site itself. I guess that means this would either be a summer site for me, or a nice shoulder season site. Early spring or late fall and I might look somewhere else.

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